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3D Glass Ultrasonic LED Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Diffuser For Essential Oils Ultra Quiet Room Humidifier Automatic Shutdown When Lacking Water (3D Fireworks)

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✔️ 3-in-1 Function Led Diffuser: Can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier and night light at the same time, or the colored lights can also be turned off so that the unit only serves as a humidifier.
✔️ Automatic Power Off: There are 4 time setting modes: 0,5 hours, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours (continuous fog mode) You can set the time when you use it. It will stop working automatically when the time setting is reached.
✔️ Unique Design: Our essential oil diffuser is unique in design, exquisite in pattern and small in size, and can be used in any scene. And wherever it is placed, it is a very good home decoration.
✔️ Ultra Quiet: Using ultrasonic technology, our humidifier will be quieter when using. It can't generate heat when nebulized, so as to better protect the quality of the essential oil.

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For your safety, the ethereal Led Diffuser will turn off automatically when the water runs out.

Don't worry about damaging yourself or the diffuser.

0,5H, 1H, 2H, 3H, you can configure the desired shipping period.

Automatically stop working when the time setting is reached.

Use a high-quality PP + ABS that contains no harmful chemicals.

In addition, no harmful substances are released into the air.

Artificial glass is made at high temperatures.

The craftsmen create a fantastic and unique pattern that has a 3D effect. Great decoration in any room (the diffuser is silver when the light is off)

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Brand bobolyn
Model Number ‎D937DE3F
Color ‎3d Firework
Product Dimensions ‎17 x 17 x 20cm; 705 grams
Power / Wattage 12 watts
Material ‎Glass iron
Auto Shutdown Ja
duration ‎4 hours
product weight 705 g

12 reviews for 3D Glass Ultrasonic LED Diffuser Essential Oil Diffuser Aromatherapy Diffuser For Essential Oils Ultra Quiet Room Humidifier Automatic Shutdown When Lacking Water (3D Fireworks)


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    B *****


    The light effect of the diffuser is really great. When turned off, the shade is like dotted mirror glass. After the timer has expired, the diffuser switches off completely – including the light. My son has the diffuser in his room and absolutely loves to see the changing light a bit while falling asleep I have small things to complain about though: The processing of the plastic was not quite correct. The lid just didn't fit properly on the water tank. It was skewed and did not close completely so that the fog did not cover it 100%. On closer inspection I saw that there was some excess plastic 'in the way'. I could easily remove the excess myself and now the lid closes well.


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    too beautiful everyone wants it in the house!

    very nice colors change little by little colors that can stay fixed time from 3 minutes to 050 minutes adjustable if you want a duration of 2 minutes press the left button and turn on the light 2 on if you turn on the light stays 3 hours it on as long as it consumes the capacity of 125 ml and at the end of the dry water it goes out for safety! if you want a light for example red or blue press the right button and you set a color if you don't like it press again and you will like a color by force! If you want to resume the random colors press again on the same button (right)


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    B***** T*****

    It's worth it

    After giving away one of these lamps, I was so impressed that I immediately ordered one. The kichtwechsel are very beautiful, the misting is also a visual hit and a good fertilizer for the plants on the windowsill. Price also appropriate to the article so full points

    July 23, 2021

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    Very nice eye-catcher

    The diffuser comes "only" in a box without an extra box around it which I personally think is very good. Because not everything I order from Geendank has to be packed in what feels like a thousand boxes. If I then place 2 orders at Geendank, my hallway is full of cardboard boxes 🙁 Why am I going into that? Because this was criticized in the reviews that you can see in the picture what is inside. It is a diffuser – not a vibrator :-) (Unless it is intended as a gift… then it is of course not useful if the recipient already knows this…) Especially because the diffuser (the glass) in the box is very well protected. glass is silver when off so the diffuser looks very classy.

    June 11, 2021

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    Beautiful I wanted to order a second one but victim of the success impatiently waiting for the return Very nice

    April 17, 2021

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    l***** l*****


    At the top beautiful we can control the time choose the colors and my apartment feels too good.

    April 5, 2021

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    L *****

    Also ideal as a gift!

    Bought as a gift and very well received. Of course it's a bit 'cheesy' but if you like that you've come to the right place. The glass looks super nice both on and off. If you take this glass off you can see the cheap finish on the inside and the cable, but that is not disturbing in my opinion. It is easy to fill and also the buttons on the device are easy to understand. It is possible to set the color alternately (many colors possible) or you can stop at a certain color. Great product!

    April 2, 2021

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