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CT3 Automatic Cat Dog Feeder 3,5 L Automatic Feeder With A Rotating Lid For Minimum 4 Meals And 20 Servings Daily Receiving Function And Double Feeding

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✔️ 10s Personalized Feeding Call】You can record a 10-second voice message to call your pets to eat (for example, hey baby, come eat soon), so that your pet can get used to the cat food better. He no longer feels lonely when he hears your voice, let your pet enjoy the meal!
✔️Easy to Use and CleanThe simple button design is convenient to use, the semi-transparent tank shows you exactly the amount of food left. Easy to take apart and can be put in the dishwasher. (Note: do not rinse the lower part of the feeder directly with water)
✔️ Dual Power Supply: Power the cat food with the included 5V/1A DC adapter or 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (not included). Don't worry, even if the power goes out, your pet won't be hungry. (Equipped with setting memory, the original setting can be saved even when the power is off)
✔️ Safe Rotating Lid & Non-Slip Bottom: The Automatic Cat Feeder provides a secure, rotating shut-off valve that prevents pets from coming into contact with stored food and prevents the food bowl from overflowing when the food bowl is tilted. The ingenious design of the food outlet prevents pets from getting extra food. The non-slip bottom ensures that the feeder stands firmly on the ground and reduces the risk of knocking over.

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ECCOMAS will continue to produce high quality pet supplies for you, provide you with a comfortable lifestyle and help your pets live a better life. We will try our best to solve the problem for you. If you experience any problems when using our products, please let us know. With your suggestions we can do better. We offer you the best service.

Worried about how your pets get their food when you work or travel?

Are you afraid of being woken up every morning by a hungry pet?

Let the eccomas automatic feeder solve these problems for you and let your pet receive the best care.

The lock lid design can prevent your cats/dogs from knocking over the food bowl to get extra food, and even if it falls, it won't spill any food and provide you with effective protection.

(Note: The top cover must be locked by turning. After turning, pull the cover vertically upwards to see if it can be opened. If it cannot be opened, it is locked

The anti-slip design at the bottom makes the time stamped cat food bowl stand more firmly on the floor, even overwhelming pets and children can't knock it over easily.

All parts of the feeder are easy to disassemble and clean. The top cover, grain buckets and food bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher to free up your hands. (In addition, the stainless steel food bowl is made of safe material, so your cat will not get cat bags)

Even if the dog feeder fails due to a power failure or insufficient battery power, the system will automatically save the program settings after the power failure, so you don't have to reset it repeatedly.

Compared to the 6L/7L cat food bowl, our 3,5L Cat Mate automatic feeder is smaller and does not take up too much space. It is also more suitable for small and medium cats/dogs. It can also be easily carried when traveling.

The dog food bowl is mainly made of safe food-grade ABS material, which has no health problems even after long-term use and is wear-resistant to ensure your pet's healthy and regular diet.


1. Are you afraid that 4 meals are not enough? Do not worry! You can also add more

We can set a total of 4 meals that are fed regularly. If you want to give your baby an extra meal, you can press the manual feed button to feed him, which will not affect the original diet plan.

2. Why is the feeder not working? Is this feeder broken? Oh ! You may not have initialized the settings!

Initialization settings: Add a specified amount of cat/dog food to the empty feeder. Then turn on the power and press and hold the manual feed button for 3-5 seconds. You can then hear the machine's operating sound every time. After repeating three times, the food will be distributed normally if the machine is working normally. Then you can start setting up a regular feeding program

3. Why isn't the food distributed? Is the device damaged so quickly?

Cat food/dog food probably blocked food delivery. You can clean the storage bucket and food outlet or replace the food with a smaller size.

4. Ends:

1) The cat food bowl can be adjusted to dispense 1-20 servings of food each time. The amount of each serving is approximately 5 g. Only suitable for dry food. (5g = 5,25ml)

(Due to the different particle size and density of the food, the weight of each serving may vary slightly. Please adjust the number of servings according to the actual situation.)

2) The applicable size of the cat/dog food is 5-12mm. If it is larger than 12 mm, the cat food bowl may be blocked.

3) Recommended cleaning frequency: The feed trough should be cleaned once a week and the storage bucket and feed outlet once a month.

(Because the excess leftovers can lead to blockages when spreading food or the amount distribution is inaccurate.)

4) The top cover must be turned clockwise to lock. (You may hear a "click" if you open or close successfully)

5) Our food bowl is more suitable for cats and small and medium dogs.

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6 reviews for CT3 Automatic Cat Dog Feeder 3,5 L Automatic Feeder With A Rotating Lid For Minimum 4 Meals And 20 Servings Daily Receiving Function And Double Feeding


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    E *****

    A real breath of fresh air

    In order not to be woken up at the usual time on weekends, I bought the little helper. It has some features that I don't use all of them. Still good to have. It does what it's supposed to do: it's largely burglar-resistant. The lid is stuck. The only chance to get hold of anything is through the opening. But since all comparable robots work in the same way (with a lying wheel that transports the part to the opening that then falls out) it would be the same there. I don't think it's tragic because it's only 5-8 pieces of dry food. The thieves get no further. I don't see any risk of injury there either.

    January 21, 2022

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  • Avatar

    D *****

    looks like a robot

    The automatic feeder can be operated with batteries OR with a power cord. We chose the cable. You get a lot of food in the storage above. That's enough for our cat for 2 weeks. The machine looks like a robot. Programming is quite easy. You can set different feeding times and also the amount that should come out. You can also manually make a withdrawal. You can also set a voice message to play when you pour. However, the sound is not really good here! It is very noisy and sounds strange. This is of no real use. You have to feel your way around the portions.

    January 21, 2022

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  • Avatar

    A***** v.*****

    Feeder in one word great

    Bought it so our cats always get their food on time. Works great because I can also call them by recording. Easy operation. We had to secure it firmly for our cats, for example by putting a door stopper around it. Batteries also weigh down, but it wasn't enough for our cats. But now everything is up

    January 20, 2022

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  • Avatar

    S***** PomeranianS***** Pomeranian

    So many features...

    The automatic feeder is so functional and also offers many different adjustment options. I need to test it all a bit more intensively. First I need batteries and I have now found out that the batteries are the type LR20. You have to place 3 of these in the battery compartment below. From what I've read the machine works with both battery and electricity. You don't have to use both, of course. I think it's problematic for some four-legged friends like our cats to leave the cable lying around so temptingly and that's why I prefer to rely on batteries :).

    January 19, 2022

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  • Avatar


    Top product and fast delivery

    This device is almost perfect! Our Maltese loves it – and so do we! The portions can be set to the exact gram and also the time of drop. The storage bin has a very good size and is almost airtight, so there is really no odor nuisance. The feeder can also be cleaned quickly. There really isn't anything to complain about - except maybe the noise when the portion falls into the aluminum tray - our dog is wide awake at the first noise and on his way straight away 🙂

    January 5, 2022

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  • Avatar


    Very funny machine"

    Very easy to use works great only batteries are very expensive but if you have a way to connect cables it should be good

    January 1, 2022

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