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G4 Premium UV Protection Chrome Umbrella Automatic Open 52 Inch Classic Double Canopy Extra Large Extra Large Windproof Umbrella Solar Rain Umbrellas With Wooden Crook Handle

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✔️ CLASSIC J-HOOK HANDLE & GOOD SIZE - With curved wooden J-handle for comfortable grip and easy hanging. 52 inch bow, 43 inch diameter, good size, big enough to protect 1 to 2 people from moisture. This Cassis umbrella will keep you elegant while walking.
✔️ Windproof - Double canopy provides ventilation that allows wind to flow, making the umbrella much easier to handle in harsh conditions. 8 fiberglass ribs provide excellent, long-lasting performance without twisting easily and are strong enough to protect you in harsh weather conditions
✔️ Automatic opening without pinching and easy to carry - non-squeeze runner to protect fingers and easy to open. Just press the button on the handle to open. Weighs only 0,54kg, comes with matching carrying case with shoulder strap, lightweight and easy to carry.
✔️ Multifunctional - This umbrella with UPF 50+ is suitable for various occasions, such as daily commuting, walking the dog, watching sports matches and weddings, etc. Strong business style, smart and elegant.

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Visit a modern and classic umbrella at G4Free

It is necessary to have a good umbrella with you if even the weatherman cannot predict what it will look like. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a premium range of umbrellas.

This classic J-handle wood hood protects you from harmful sunlight with a high UPF rating and keeps you up to 10 degrees cooler.

Strength, style and windproof protection make this umbrella a classic!

The team of experts at We G4Free has been committed to the professional umbrella for years and underlines all the details of the craftsmanship. It has finally made the ultimate UV umbrella for you.

High UV Protection - This classic UV umbrella coating made of nanotitanium oioside fibers has a reflective layer and an external light transmittance to keep out all harmful rays.

With a reinforced fiberglass frame and 8 rib construction, this golf umbrella won't twist so easily in the gust of wind and you won't fall over in bad weather.

Wooden J-handle for comfortable grip.

Flameproof runner that is easier to open and keeps you elegant while using.

Piano black metal end cap protects and preserves beauty.

Thick Reflective Coating - This UV wave umbrella reflects light and blocks 99%!U (MISSING) V rays.

Windproof System – Provide sun and wind protection outdoors.

Arch Canopy: 52 inches; Diameter: 43 inches

Weight: 0,54 kg.

The J-hook handle is just the right size in your hands and easy to grip.

Don't miss a beautiful, sunny, clear day. The G4Free parasol protects you completely.

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Item: GD082DZQMDS categories: , ,
Color ‎Black
Frame material ‎Fiberglass
Weight ‎0,54 kilograms
material type ‎Nylon
Batteries included? No
Brand ‎G4Free
Manufacturer ‎G4Free
Manufacturer reference: (G4Free TN0714A)
package dimensions ‎94,61 x 13,97 x 5,08cm; 540 grams

6 reviews for G4 Premium UV Protection Chrome Umbrella Automatic Open 52 Inch Classic Double Canopy Extra Large Extra Large Windproof Umbrella Solar Rain Umbrellas With Wooden Crook Handle


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  • Avatar

    M***** S*****

    Very sturdy and reliable umbrella. Strongly recommended!

    This umbrella is very well made. It handles very well in high winds and when it is pouring rain. I have many products from G4Free and I have never had any problems. This umbrella has well made Velcro straps and a great umbrella cover that can also be fastened. I believe I will have this umbrella for many years to come - it is highly recommended!

    July 23, 2021

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  • Avatar

    J *****

    Very effective

    I bought it for a burned person with a very beautiful and long really efficient face. I recommend !

    July 14, 2021

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  • Avatar

    N***** T*****

    Superior quality! Sturdy umbrella for a perfect price and size!

    I am super picky with umbrellas and this is a great quality. I had an expensive Gust Buster umbrella that broke after surviving 10 years in the Luxembourg wind and rain. So now I'm looking for something similar or better. Material of this umbrella is thick and you feel grandeur here. It has a shiny silvery texture that reflects sunlight to keep you cool. It is two-layer with wind exhaust to prevent the wind from turning. The mechanism is sturdy the tip is also metal with a silicone rubber like tip skirt (first time I saw it with this quality mostly just fabric). It has a very nice wooden handle that gives you room to carve your name if you want. I lost a bunch of my umbrella so I'm a **y with protection.

    April 5, 2021

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  • Avatar

    S *****

    Sun and rain protection

    It's not as heavy as it looks… and it really does reflect the sun off you beautifully. I don't tolerate heat well and I also live in a place where it rains a lot (although with global weather changes it may not stay that way) so I chose this item in the hopes that I could use it to cover the sudden 118 F days we in Washington as well as the rain in the fall. It feels much cooler underneath and I don't even dare leave my house for a few minutes without it. I thought I'd feel self-conscious...but I feel so much cooler I don't care if people look at me funny

    February 12, 2021

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  • Avatar

    T *****


    Excellent quality

    February 6, 2021

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  • Avatar

    J *****

    Great product

    I use this umbrella for walking in the sun – so I think it functions mainly as an umbrella for me. It is a matte aluminum color on the outside and black on the inside. When it's sunny I estimate using it drops the sensible temperature between 5-10 degrees F during my daily walks which I often take in the afternoon. It has also allowed me to walk without a hat which I find much more comfortable than with a hat. I just had a chance to test the umbrella in some pretty strong wind – about 20 mph. Use common sense when holding I see no problem with this product in windy situations unlike what some people have complained about. It can also be used in the rain. It has the size and shape of a traditional umbrella.

    January 7, 2021

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