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Hai Magic Umbrella Child Changes Color In Rain Folding Umbrella Fits Any School Bag With Reflective Strips On All Sides Protective Caps And Wooden Handle Cover Case

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✔️ ► Highest Road Safety: The boy's umbrella is surrounded by reflective strips that provide 360° visibility and ensure good visibility even in low-light conditions. The reflectors shine when they hit the lantern or headlamp lights, making children more visible in traffic. In addition, the pointed corners of the umbrella are covered with round plastic balls, which reduces the risk of injuries.
✔️ ►Rain Protection, Sun Protection & Wind Protection: Our Heckbo Kids Umbrella is made of a sturdy metal frame and made of waterproof sturdy polyester fabric, which protects your child from harmful UV rays in rain and wind, as well as strong heat. The natural wooden handle of the umbrella is ergonomically shaped for children's hands and adapts perfectly to it.
✔️ ► Child-friendly opening and closing: The sliding mechanism allows the umbrella to be opened and closed easily. It can be closed with a Velcro strap and a matching protective cover is included for safe storage. After use, the folded umbrella can be stored in the school bag or gym bag. Folded it is 32 cm long, unfolded 50 cm and the diameter 76 cm.
✔️ ► Including name tag: The inside of the folding umbrella also has a sign on which the name and address of the child can be entered. So the magic umbrella is not lost in kindergarten, school or leisure.

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Since your child is your one and only child, make sure they are protected and safe, even in the rain and wind, when going to or from primary school, kindergarten or leisure activities. Of course, that includes the right umbrella. Conventional parasols are not stable enough and cannot withstand heavy rain and wind. In addition, they are usually too large and the handle does not fit small children's hands. In addition, there is a risk of injury from the sharp corners of the umbrella.

This beautiful umbrella, developed with love, is not only stable and storm-resistant, but also provides a lot of fun and makes small children shine, because: it changes color when it rains!

Whether as a small gift for the school cone or simply to bring joy to your loved ones, the children's umbrella with color change when it rains from HECKBO is ideally suited for this.

The HECKBO Magic Umbrella is the perfect size for little explorers, measuring just 32cm when folded and 50cm when open. The diameter of the magic umbrella is 76 cm. But not only that - with a Velcro closure, this lightweight mini umbrella can be closed and stored safely in school bags or sports bags. Notebooks, books and other school supplies also stay dry in the bag, because you get a practical protective cover with it. So it's the perfect gift - whether for school enrollment, for the school cone or any other occasion. If you want to give your little ones a lot of fun, click on the shopping cart above and enjoy the anticipation!

Maximum safety in road traffic is very important to us. In addition to child-friendly operation, the HECKBO umbrella is surrounded by reflective strips that ensure extremely high visibility in road traffic – even in poor light conditions.

The little ones are seen faster. In addition, children's hands are saved forever, because small protective caps cover the pointed corners of the umbrella. See for yourself!

Compared to other umbrellas, our customers report that this umbrella can withstand heavy rain and wind thanks to its strong metal frame and waterproof polyester fabric. Therefore, it also offers protection against UV rays.

The sliding mechanism also offers child-friendly opening and closing of the umbrella, protecting sensitive children's hands. In addition, the colorful wooden handle adapts perfectly to children's hands thanks to its ergonomic shape. A name tag on the inside of the folding umbrella, where you can write the child's name and address, makes the umbrella easy to find. Buy the HECKBO children's umbrella directly.

The white dinosaurs on the umbrella are absolutely eye-catching. As soon as a drop of water lands on the umbrella, the white dinosaurs turn into green dinosaur skeletons. This Magic Umbrella flowers when it rains and is great fun for young and old. Once the umbrella dries, the white-coated dinosaurs reappear on the small umbrella. As if by magic! We cordially invite you to try out the HECKBO children's umbrella. Your little ones will love it.

The perfect umbrella for kids

No risk of injury

Ergonomic handle

Color Changing Umbrella

As a young family business from Germany, at HECKBO we know how important it is to use the best products for babies and children. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of offering the best quality at a fair price. We have achieved this with HECKBO. Because we love children and know what is important, we have been offering innovative products since our foundation in 2017

Products for all things automotive, which we always develop together with experts and teachers. The unique designs make the hearts of little children beat faster. We at HECKBO are pleased to welcome you as a customer and wish you a lot of fun with our products.

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12 reviews for Hai Magic Umbrella Child Changes Color In Rain Folding Umbrella Fits Any School Bag With Reflective Strips On All Sides Protective Caps And Wooden Handle Cover Case


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    F *****


    The child who received the gift is excited


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  • Avatar

    S***** C*****

    Very nice

    Lightweight beautiful the fabric feels very resistant and not dangerous on the ends...we haven't used it yet but I think it's the best purchase in the business I've made since that earthquake my son that breaks everything was born... Strongly recommended

    September 15, 2021

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    A***** K*****

    Great umbrella for kids!

    Ordered umbrella for my son. He is especially enthusiastic about the sharks because some of them change color when they get wet.

    September 6, 2021

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  • Avatar

    A***** C*****

    Great umbrella with a surprise effect

    My son loves his 'magic umbrella'. He loves it when the colors appear when it rains. Every walk in the rain becomes an adventure. Good idea!

    August 30

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  • Avatar

    E ***** M *****

    As usual it's a roll of the dice ordering at No Thanks

    It seems sturdy and strong enough and when closed for the first time the top fixture pops right off. It is secured by a plastic piece that broke. For €22 and a birthday present I expect more. This is a bad form of No Thanks. Another reason why this planet is going down. We're asking decent money for a product that's disposable right now. This is exactly why Mr. Bezos and his cronies should spend more time choosing quality packaging and shipping instead of spending billions sending Captain Kirk to quasi-space. That's a big fat waste of money. Why I buy products here is a mystery to me.

    August 9

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  • Avatar

    C***** A*****

    HECKBO Magic Umbrella for Kids

    Umbrella well made and with excellent materials as described. My son is very happy. It exceeded expectations.

    July 9, 2021

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  • Avatar

    H *****

    Good quality umbrella

    Good feel for kids, easy to use and good quality. The changing colors are of course great. Nice family business that we would like to support again.

    June 5, 2021

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