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Ionic Hair Dryer 1875 Watt Professional Hair Dryer With 1 Concentrator Mini Blow Dryer For Travel Quiet Blow Dryer For Fast Drying Cooling Heat And 2 Speed ​​Levels For Women And Kids

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✔️ ★ Ionic Technology Frizz Reducer: Ionic hair dryer with millions of negative ions neutralizes static charge and ensures less frizz and more shine.
✔️ COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: This lightweight travel hair dryer is suitable for home use, professional salons and short trips at home. It is super light and yet it produces a strong airflow. Please note that the hair dryer's input voltage is 240V.
✔️ Multiple Settings: The powerful hair dryer provides cooling/heating/2 speeds for flexible drying and styling. The constant temperature function ensures the healthiest hair care and prevents damage from overheating.
✔️ EASY TO USE: Equipped with 1 concentrate nozzle for concentrated airflow and 2 hair clips, the portable ions blow-dry your hair smooth and supple, precisely meeting the needs of all hair types: curly, smooth, thin and thick.

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The ion hair dryer works with an electric motor that drives the rotor to rotate the air scoops. When the shovels rotate, the air is sucked from the air inlet, which forms a centrifugal airflow, and then is blown out through the air outlet.

Motor: AC motor

Input voltage: 240 V

Hz range: 60 Hz

RPM: 20.000 rpm

Size: 4,37 x 8,98 x 2,95 inches

Weight: 0,92 pounds

Cable Length: 78,7 inches (2 m)

Package List: 1 x Professional Hair Dryer, 1 x Concentrate Nozzle, 2 x Hair Clips, 1 x User Manual (English Language Not Guaranteed)

1. Ionic technology that produces millions of ions, reduces frizz and increases shine.

2. Professional hair dryer with concentrator for long, short, curly, straight, thin and thick hair, the best choice for hairdressers.

1. The low noise hair dryer only needs 5-7 minutes to dry the hair in most situations with low noise due to the strong airflow.

2. Constant temperature technology prevents damage from overheating.

1. The quick-drying hair dryer dries hair quickly at low temperatures, closes dandruff and reduces friction, effectively preventing pulling.

2. Prevent hair damage and hair breakage and nourish hair and scalp better.

1. Align the nozzle with the outlet and press lightly. The mouthpiece can be rotated 360 degrees.

2. Hold the mouthpiece firmly and pull it out to remove it.

The 7MAGIC hair dryer for women with 360° rotating nozzle blows the hair at any angle, which is useful when you want to adjust the direction of the airflow.

The compact and lightweight hair dryer is easy to carry and store, especially now that the airlines weigh our bags. Perfect for home, travel and professional salons.

Q: How do you use the hair dryer for a better experience?

A: 1. The hair dryer consists of air inlet and outlet, please confirm that the inlet of the ionic hair dryer is always away from your hair, only the outlet joins the hair

A: 2. Keep the hair dryer 10cm away from the hair when we use the hair dryer, so that it can not only prevent the hair from being eaten, but also the blowing air has a protective effect on the scalp

A: 3. Try blow drying your hair head up instead of blow drying it head down

Q: Do I have to hold the temperature button to get cool air? How did I switch from cool air to hot air?

A: With our professional hair dryer, you don't have to hold the temperature button all the time to get cool air, which is different from most hair dryers. There is a temperature button that allows you to switch between warm and cold air without having to constantly hold the button down. When you press the button, it blows out hot air. When you push the button outwards, it blows out cool air.

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10 reviews for Ionic Hair Dryer 1875 Watt Professional Hair Dryer With 1 Concentrator Mini Blow Dryer For Travel Quiet Blow Dryer For Fast Drying Cooling Heat And 2 Speed ​​Levels For Women And Kids


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  • Avatar

    P *****

    Good quality

    When I ordered it there was a 10 percent discount which made the price even cheaper. I am very excited and would buy again next time but price and quality are important to me and it is difficult to find both in one product. It arrived well packaged and undamaged. If you have any questions about the product, your question will be answered the same day. It's very similar to a popular brand's hair dryer and gives pretty much the same result (for a fraction of the price); The main difference with the Dyson Fancy Lookalike is that the attachments are pushed and twisted rather than attached magnetically.

    January 24, 2022

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  • Avatar

    M***** GallerM***** Galler

    A small"

    First of all, the hair dryer arrived in a very chic packaging. I was pleased that hair clips were also included so that you can pin your hair while blow drying. The hair dryer is small and handy. The design is very chic. There are two levels of heat output. With the hot air the hair dries very quickly and with the cooler air the skin cells are closed. No flying hairs after drying. There are three power levels. In addition, the hair dryer is relatively quiet for the power it has. Definitely worth buying.

    January 23, 2022

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  • Avatar

    A***** K*****

    Not ergonomic

    First the positives: the packaging is really nice in color and workmanship good for the price. The blow dryer levels are pleasantly warm and the performance for the small hair dryer is really top notch. I already have a travel hair dryer from another brand and in comparison I have to say that the hair dryer from 7Magic is a bit quieter but unfortunately very impractical. The negatives: The straight grip hurts my wrist after holding and moving for a few minutes which is a knockout criterion for me. The hair dryer is also relatively heavy in comparison and unfortunately can't compete with my existing travel hair dryer -> return

    January 19, 2022

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  • Avatar

    L *****

    Really great hair dryer

    I am really positively surprised!!!I got stuck with this hair dryer when I was looking for a small handy hair dryer. When I'm on the road I like to have my own hair dryer with me. It fits in any travel bag and doesn't take up much space even my daughter loves it. It's not as noisy as our old hair dryer and the airflow is very nice. The switch from cold to hot air is lightning fast and even in cold air the hair dries quickly and looks silky smooth afterwards. The design in green and gold is very elegant and the finish is impeccable.

    January 19, 2022

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  • Avatar

    EmanuelM***** Paul

    Really well done

    As always prompt shipping the hairdryer is really excellent quality certainly not one of the cheapest available thanks but the difference to the touch is also remarkable. It has two speeds and a hot/cold air jet which is very comfortable to travel with both in size and operation compared to classic hair dryers. Despite the power, it is very quiet and the design is very nice. I would recommend it for both personal use and as a gift.

    January 15, 2022

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  • Avatar

    M***** Paul


    Arrived in a nice packaging that already gives an idea of ​​what to expect inside, the 7Magic hair dryer was a real discovery.accessory to regulate the airflow.Thanks to the possibility to choose the power of the air, it dries even the longest hair quickly . Let's not forget the price too!! Very accessible and competitive in the market. What can I say… I am very satisfied and would recommend it to anyone.

    January 13, 2022

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  • Avatar

    T *****

    7 Magical Ionic Hair Dryer

    Bought to fit my wife and daughter's needs more than mine. I open the packaging and it is striking the obvious splendor of the beautiful really high quality packaging. almost no need to comb my hair (I have medium length hair) Also striking is the silence and lightness of the hair dryer, which has received much appreciation from my enthusiastic women for the way the hair is dried. A really successful purchase!

    January 10, 2022

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