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Laptop Cushion With Handle And Cushion Klearlook Portable Laptop Table / Laptop Desk With Wrist Rest And Groove And Pocket Laptop Mat Adjustable Height Suitable For Bed/Sofa Tablet And Phone Holder Large

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✔️ Height & Angle Adjustable】The center part of the cushion is adjustable to add a height of 3,14 inches to 5,1 inches to the laptop desk. The tilting laptop compartment allows you to maintain a comfortable position while typing without lifting and straining your shoulders.
✔️ PORTABLE BUILT IN HANDLE】The laptop sofa bed stand with pillow is compact in size and equipped with a handle that makes it easy to carry. It is ideal for use on the sofa, sofa, floor, bed, car, airplane, train and other places.
✔️ ★ 【Well Protected With Cushion】The laptop bed riser comes with a wrist rest that provides a stress-free working experience when using the keyboard or mouse. The pillow on the desk not only serves as a wrist rest, but also prevents your laptop or book from falling off.
✔️★ Premium and Stylish Design: The lap pad is made of MDF wood, which is durable and hard to deform. The surface of the desktop with high-quality PVC leather, which is waterproof and easy to clean, gives a sense of luxury.

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Desktop: PVC leather (surface), MDF wood (inside)

Cushion: Linen (surface); sponge (inside)

Size: 21,65 x 14,4 x 6,22 inches

Net weight: 1,9 kg / 4,1 lb

Height adjustment: Height adjustment for your different height requirements. It is perfect for relieving your neck pain.

Keep the desk tidy: The multifunctional laptop desk can place your laptop/mouse/phone/tablet and store other small accessories, so it can make your table neat and comfortable.

Comfortable Wrist Rest: Unique 3 cushions provide you more comfort for your lap while using the lap table.

PVC leather surface:

With the PVC leather surface, you can use a mouse over the entire table without a mouse pad.

The material makes the surface of the laptop table waterproof and super easy to clean.

Built-in handle: The laptop table is portable and easy to store with handle. The portable handle allows you to take it anywhere. Moreover, you can hang it on the wall, which saves desk space.

Built-in 3 cushions: The cushions on the bottom provide maximum comfort for your lap and help you forget the fatigue of work.

Built-in Storage Bag: The notebook shelf on the bench with compartments can store other small items such as keys, pens or more to keep your desk tidy.

Built-in Slot Holder: The laptop table with cushion has a slot on the desktop, which can be used as a holder for your smartphone and tablet to store your pens, flash drivers and more.

Wrist rest and better protection for laptop: The wrist rest on the lap table can relieve sore wrists and prevent your laptop from slipping.

Versatile: The multifunctional laptop stand is ideal for home/office/travel such as sofa, bed, couch, floor, desk/table, car, etc. Meets different needs for work or leisure Use this table when typing computers, drawing to to relieve the stress from your hands, eat in bed or sleep and more.

Brand ‎Clearlook Maximum brightness!
Color ‎Black
package dimensions ‎56,7 x 40,9 x 10,2cm; 2 kilograms
Material ‎PVC leather (surface); MDF wood (inside)
product weight 2 kg

26 reviews for Laptop Cushion With Handle And Cushion Klearlook Portable Laptop Table / Laptop Desk With Wrist Rest And Groove And Pocket Laptop Mat Adjustable Height Suitable For Bed/Sofa Tablet And Phone Holder Large


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  • Avatar

    T *****

    Just awesome!

    While browsing I came across this great laptop pillow. I immediately liked it and bought it. In addition, I was convinced by the many positive reviews. I was very excited to see if it kept what it promised. As soon as I arrived I took a look and tried it out. It offers space for laptops up to 17 inches. I like that it is height adjustable. It is also equipped with a handle which makes it easy to carry. I can even use it in the car when I travel. Just awesome. I'm excited. The price is very reasonable as we are very happy with it. We are happy to recommend this great product!

    January 25, 2022

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  • Avatar

    S *****

    Ideal for working from home!

    I wish I had found this sooner! Absolutely love this portable desk. Perfect for multi-purpose use and works very well when working from bed. The storage for pens etc is a nice touch and I really like that it's height adjustable and can be adjusted to where I sit. It's not too heavy and I love that it can be folded and stored under my bed when I'm done. I recommend this 100%. Perfect for working from home.

    January 21, 2022

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  • Avatar

    N***** F.*****

    Practical and great value for money

    I have been using the product for almost 2 months now and I find the laptop pillow very useful. I can use both laptop and iPhone in one place. The advantage of the pillow is that the material is very soft. This makes working a lot more pleasant, especially if you spend hours in front of the laptop. The design is ergonomic. The cushion has a small angle so you don't have to bend far forward while working. It fits very well with my decor. Especially when I'm sitting in my armchair I can work and watch TV at the same time. I especially like the bottom support that prevents the laptop from sliding down. This design is rarely seen on other similar products.

    January 20, 2022

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  • Avatar

    K***** TurksK***** Turks

    Good P/P

    It is comfortably foldable and has two small pockets on the front. It also has a wrist rest that comes in handy during long working hours. You can use it on any flat or almost flat surface like your lap or table or sofa as you can see in my photo.

    January 20, 2022

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  • Avatar

    J***** HJ***** H

    Sturdy and highly functional small laptop desk.

    + Well built sturdy. + Large enough surface for almost any laptop / tablet. + Very handy side tray for stylus for flash drives etc. + Good looking PU leather surface is a nice touch. + Super easy-to-use feet that lock in place, handles to lock the tilt mechanism in place and push-button height adjustment.+Sliding feet make moving the desk a cinch.+Flats flat for easy storage when not in use .-The movable stop would be better if you could slide it off and adjust it instead. The fit is quite tight. – The palm rest could be more comfortable maybe extra padding and a bit wider. All in all a very good product that is simple enough to operate without instructions and well made. The product also looks pretty good so that's a bonus.

    January 20, 2022

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  • Avatar

    J***** SonJ***** Son

    Perfect multifunctional desk

    My 5 year old always likes to do things on the floor (even if she has her own desk) so I'm looking for an adjustable desk that fits this purpose for her. here while sitting comfortably on the floor. The side storage is perfect for her pens/pencils and scissors as she always forgets where to put them when she goes to school. The adjustable height of the stand is also a plus if she wants to use it in the sofa as a table when she eats her snacks while watching TV. It also doubles as a bed for her dolls when she's playing 😁 or as a table for her small tea party it really is a multifunctional desk! It is also easy to fold and simply store under the table or the side of the sofa when not in use so that it does not take up so much space in the house.

    January 20, 2022

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  • Avatar


    Good quality

    I initially ordered the smaller version because the product description said it was big enough for a 17-inch laptop, not that the ad is a bit misleading. I received the larger version yesterday and it is true to the description. I chose this one over all the others available because of all the five star reviews. The tray was very well packed and in perfect condition when opened. There is plenty of room for a mouse even with a 17 inch laptop. Unlike most reviewers, I found using the surface material as a mouse pad to be hard work. Tried three different mice and none of them ran smoothly the surface felt sticky. I cut a full size mat and it fits well. The wrist rest is very firm and I found it more of a hindrance than a comfort unfortunately it is not removable.

    January 18, 2022

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