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LED Umbrella In Laser Sword Design Black Star Wars Umbrella With 7 Colors And Integrated Flashlight Black

(9 customer reviews)
✔️ - Variety: You can choose one of 7 colors permanently or set it to switch automatically.
✔️ - Integrated Flashlight: A practical, bright LED flashlight is integrated into the handle.
✔️ The Perfect Gift: Whether you're a Star Wars fan or someone who already has everything, this unusual umbrella will have you on the right track!
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Bestkee Lightsaber Umbrella

Beyond the outer rim is a stormy planet.

Climate change has caused all continents to decay and forced the inhabitants

build cities on stilts.

The planet is naturally known as Kamino (of the few who know it).

Besides the fact that it always rains, it is a place known for two exports: clones and lightsaber umbrellas.

We can't sell clones (it's against Republic law), but we can sell the 'Brellas'!

210 polyester fabric is a high density fabric with stronger water repellent technology and quick drying once the raindrop hits the ball, no standing umbrella surface, dry

Construction - 8 ribs made of fiberglass reinforced resin that can protect you from high winds and heavy rain.

Light up a rainy night with the flashlight on the underside of the umbrella handle.

1. It is an interesting umbrella, the middle handle has 7 colors and is eye-catching and delicate!

2. It is an umbrella toy for kids that can give your kid a lot of fantasy in Star Wars.

Even if you don't live in a pretty futuristic Los Angeles and aren't a Blade Runner, you can still have the coolest umbrella on the road. With the push of a button, the shaft lights up and you make everyone the center of attention on a rainy night.

unique band

Imagine a scene where a laser sword swings in Star Wars.

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Grau1, Green 1, Rot2, Black, White

Product Dimensions ‎48 x 2,5 x 2,5cm; 220 grams
Manufacturer Recommended Age ‎3 years and older
Item Model Number: ‎KL84325
Model Number ‎KL84325
Number of puzzle pieces 1
Assembly required No
Need batteries? No
Batteries included? No
Material type(s) ‎Plastic
Material Care Instructions ‎Beachten Sie die Pflegehinweise auf dem Produkt
Color Mehrfarbig (Mehrfarbig)
product weight 220 grams

9 reviews for LED Umbrella In Laser Sword Design Black Star Wars Umbrella With 7 Colors And Integrated Flashlight Black


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  • Avatar

    t *****

    Not bad in pitch black"

    So it is quite bright at the handle (where the lights are) and if you look straight into the end (where the fiberglass tubes end). The part between these 2 points is very weak. In a pitch dark room or a very dark night with no street lamps this is quite good but once there is another light source the middle section is almost as disappointing as Dave and Dan's writing skills. from wind so you have to think of it as a cheap umbrella - great if no wind keeps you dry but the novelty only works well in a very dark place.

    October 23, 2021

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  • Avatar

    N *****

    unfortunately nonsense

    Positive: The umbrella arrived here very quickly. Doesn't look bad at first glance. Negative: At second glance, the handle is quite thick but doesn't look particularly stable. The biggest problem, however, is that the manufacturer probably doesn't have quality controls in place. The battery compartment is apparently (at least as you can see from the rich user manual) pulled down from the handle. Apparently, though, it was just pasted right into the product for me. So unfortunately no chance to use the product as intended. Will probably end up in the trash when you get back. Thanks for using resources and for 'sending halfway around the world'.

    September 23, 2021

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  • Avatar

    S***** H.*****

    An eye-catcher that unfortunately flopped on the first use

    Actually a great umbrella if it doesn't break when you first use it. Visually the hood cuts a good figure the light is great the flashlight is nice to have. As I said it was raining and when closing the umbrella the mechanism was broken. Update after using the second umbrella for the fourth time torn again so that the umbrella can be thrown away. pity

    September 8, 2021

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  • Avatar

    T *****

    Coolness 100% craftsmanship could be better

    After seeing the movie Blade Runner I really wanted an LED umbrella you must be well styled in the midst of the dystopia and what could be better with a face mask in the Corona era than an LED umbrella? The colors and the color change are very nice it's really nice to walk around with him he could be THE ultimate perfect umbrella - if it was made better. It doesn't feel valuable. The flashlight at the end of the handle turns on and off as the mood takes you, which is annoying and wastes energy unnecessarily. I'm always very careful when using it because I'm always afraid it will break as soon as I run into it.

    August 31

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  • Avatar

    E***** G***** Wood

    Not as stable as hoped.

    It requires a civilized approach to this umbrella. The lightsaber is made of thin plastic and you are a little worried that it won't survive a heavy rain shower. Especially for dog owners, the flashlight in the handle is a wonderful extra. Multiple colors can be set as desired. All in all, a good umbrella and wonderful toy for Star Wars fans.

    July 28, 2021

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  • Avatar

    w***** v*****

    Nice gift

    The size of the umbrella is as expected. the workmanship between the rod and the hood seems neat and stable. The idea with the illuminated plexiglass in the middle is really great but also has the disadvantage that the umbrella cannot be opened automatically by the spring (no lock in the rod). The product does not come with batteries 3xAAA micro batteries are required for operation . Each time the stick is turned off and on, the stick changes to the following color combination. There are 7 color combinations to choose from. In the 8th combination, the stick changes color permanently (cool!). There is also a separately switchable LED in the handle that lights up on the floor, which is very practical.

    July 12, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Picturesque and beautiful"

    Let's start with the lightsaber section. The umbrella has a transparent plastic shaft with lines that light up and bring the light to the tip. At night, the effect is noticeable. On the side of the handle is a small button that turns the lightsaber on and off every time it is turned on it changes color (there are several plus a rainbow mode). Also on the tip of the handle is a small but powerful LED flashlight that can be activated by pressing the transparent itself which acts as a button. The whole thing is powered by three mini styluses (not included) that insert into a sort of cylindrical battery pack which in turn inserts into the handle which unscrews. The umbrella instead seems to be of solid construction with two possible flaws: -the plastic sheet transparent bends under the force of the wind and does not give much sense of strength.

    June 29, 2021

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