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Meisterfaktur Shower Seal 2x Extended Weir Ideal Seal For 6,7mm Glass Doors In Showers Black

(9 customer reviews)
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Whether in the morning after getting up, after work or after a strenuous sports session – the feeling of a refreshing shower for body and mind is indescribable.

The later discovery of the flood on the floor is all the uglier.

The reason for this is often a door strip that is not completely closed, so that water can come out.

This is over with immediate effect, because we have the perfect solution for you!

Thanks to the effective sealing of your shower door, slippery tiles are a thing of the past!

Transparent was yesterday. Our exclusive shower seal is now available for the first time in an elegant black design. Let your shower cubicle shine with a visibly higher quality appearance!

Thanks to the precise processing, our water-repellent fabric not only excels with its extraordinary durability, but also guarantees a perfect seal of your shower door thanks to the extended rubber lip.

Remove the old molding of the shower cubicle from the glass door and clean the glass surface. Then gently press the new Meisterffekt replacement seal onto the door from below – READY.

Our 100 cm long sealing solution, specially developed for the German market, is suitable for glass thicknesses from 6 mm to 8 mm and can be easily adjusted to any desired length.

You can now enjoy a relaxing bathing experience with a dry floor – without the risk of slipping!

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Manufacturer MAIN FACTORY
Product Dimensions 100 x 1,2 x 2,6 cm; 141 grams
Discontinued by manufacturer No
Size 100cm
Color black
Style Modern
finish coated
material PVC
To shape Straight ahead
Installation method Single Hole Deck Mount
Number of pieces 2
Remarks Customizable
Use Lock the shower door, glass door or shower
Batteries included? No
Need batteries? No
product weight 141 gram

9 reviews for Meisterfaktur Shower Seal 2x Extended Weir Ideal Seal For 6,7mm Glass Doors In Showers Black


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  • Avatar

    C***** L*****

    Black something different with light prints.

    Black something else. Assembly is very easy. Adapting to existing conditions is a matter of personal skill. Unfortunately the deflector is too slack and not in the room as shown. I had to shorten it because it squirmed underneath when the door was closed.


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  • Avatar

    W *****

    Good but no flex

    Great for straight doors but quite inflexible if you have curved doors


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  • Avatar

    P***** D*****

    Beautiful comics with a trendy look

    Excellent strips and easy to make. This went very well with the skirting boards. One strip arrived a bit wrinkled but I hope this will improve over time. I hope they can be kept clean and don't calcify too much, but otherwise I'll buy a few new ones for this price next year ;).

    August 29

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  • Avatar

    L***** B*****


    Good product, easy to cut to size and easy to install. No problems after 2 weeks of use. It does not move and holds the water well I recommend it without any worries.

    August 26

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  • Avatar

    M***** L*****

    You must know what you are doing"

    Product itself good. But keep the length in mind if you have to use pieces. It can't be very tight if you don't help. You need to know how to cut. Quality and craftsmanship Tio Top.

    July 21, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Good quality and exactly what I needed

    I had a wrong installation of a screen and the water came out from under it I had tried a thousand solutions I didn't even find a professional to fix it and thank god I saw this product I was able to install it and cut it my size and IT WORKS The truth is that I couldn't be happier. At first it seemed expensive but the truth is that it was worth it and the quality is very good and there are few accessories in black.

    May 15, 2021

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  • Avatar

    M *****

    Better than the originals

    The originals are stuck the width of the glass and are transparent. Ugly and gruesome in a short time. This black one is easy to clean. You do not see the water discolouration and fits on 3 glass thicknesses. They also have longer wiper blades than the originals. The shower (floor installation) is therefore completely airtight. In terms of durability, only 4 stars because they were only recently installed.

    April 22, 2021

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