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QHUI Tactical Belt Heavy Duty Mens Military Metal Buckle Tactical Rigger Belt With Kettle Buckle For Outdoor Sports Camping 130*3.8cm (Black)

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✔️ Zinc Alloy Buckle: The safest buckle in the world, very finely crafted buckle. Sturdy, quick release and more durable.
✔️ Closing: Schnalle
✔️ 100% Nylon
✔️ Premium Material: 1000D Nylon Military Tactical Belt for Men with Velcro, soft and comfortable for daily use.
✔️ Wide Use: Suitable for Police, Military, Protection, Construction, Everyday Wear. Best Gift for Men, Father, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Days, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Anniversary, Mother's Day, Holidays, Party.
✔️ Package Contents: Qhui Belt is committed to providing the best material products. The package includes 1 x Tactical Belt and 1 x Kettle Buckle.

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Very easy to carry

1. Close the aluminum buckle;

2. From the end of the belt, go along the belt buckle of the pants and attach the belt to the pants.

3. Pass the end of the strap through the other end of the aluminum buckle and adjust the length of the strap.

4. Pass the excess part of the belt through the belt buckle

The belt consists of a high-strength military belt buckle and a breathable and eco-friendly 1000D nylon fabric. The belt is 1,5 inches wide and will fit most pants.

Thanks to the buckle of a water bottle, you can always and everywhere take a bottle of water with you to drink. Of course you can also transport other small items with the kettle.

Qhui Black Tactical Belt is classic in design, high quality and practical. Give him this belt as a gift and create the closest bond between you and him.

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16 reviews for QHUI Tactical Belt Heavy Duty Mens Military Metal Buckle Tactical Rigger Belt With Kettle Buckle For Outdoor Sports Camping 130*3.8cm (Black)


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    T***** K*****

    Good but too short!

    I ordered this belt because according to the information it should have a total length with buckle of 130 cm and thus 5 cm longer than others. But unfortunately it is only 123 cm long. The belt itself would be fine but I find it very interesting that the manufacturer cannot do minimum quality checks maybe with the next manufacturer


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    L *****

    Airplane feeling like a belt

    I ordered this belt mainly because of the design. When it arrived I was also positively impressed with the workmanship especially in relation to the price. I'm only concerned about including a drinking bottle because it's quite thin plastic and I think it will probably break very quickly. But no point deduction for the price I also like the mechanism to close the strap you feel like you are in an airplane. It fits well without changing its length and is infinitely adjustable with the buckle. An endurance test will follow soon, I'm curious if it will still look this good.


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    The buckle is a little too big

    Since I'm at many paintball events and conventional belts can't handle the heavy load for long. This belt is very robust, you can compare it with a belt in a car. The buckle is also very well made. However, this belt is very robust. runs very large and does not fit in the belt of every pair of trousers without extra eyelets. You have to loosen the buckle from the belt every time you use it and 'reassemble' it after threading. This is very easy but annoying but I would still recommend the belt to others.

    September 25, 2021

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  • Avatar

    M *****


    I bought this belt for work. As a craftsman, it must be robust and easy to hold, but also easy to open. The material is very stiff and thick and very robust. After several months (worn daily) nothing has been chafed and the closure still works well. It opens effortlessly (press the buckle up and down with your index finger and thumb) and never closes on its own during work. I wear the strap with Engelbert Strauss' es.Motion. Deduction of one point because it doesn't work as well to fix the protruding piece. The belt has a rubber loop that can be moved freely.

    August 24

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  • Avatar

    P *****

    Functional and beautiful belt

    Finally a matching belt with a length of over 115cm and a massive 'buckle'! The belt is very stable and neatly made. It can easily be threaded into the belt loops of a pants or skirt. After attaching it to the buckle counterpart, I folded the rest back. This piece cannot be seen like that. The bottle holder is a nice gimmick and works very well. Furthermore, holsters for flashlights or knives can be easily attached. I am very satisfied and can recommend this belt to others!

    July 22, 2021

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    Asymmetrical seat is due to the design

    The belt is stable and I like it spontaneously even though I have worn the old leather belt every day for over 20 years. It has already been reported a lot that when lacing the buckle has to be disassembled… But what really makes me sad is the asymmetry of the buckle on the pants! Part of the belt is firmly connected and symmetrical, it lies perfectly and straight on the body because part of the belt is in front and behind the attachment. The loose end attachment requires two sections of the strap to come from below (there and back) and thus runs twice as thick and extremely diagonally at the bottom. Or I pretended to be stupid and there's another way to put the strap through the buckle.

    April 17, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Absolutely robust

    Great belt. You have to like this type of closure but then it's just great. The belt is absolutely tight. I haven't had to adjust anything so fine so far. Most of all, I like that I keep breaking my T-shirts on other straps on the metal and having holes in my stomach. The edges of this belt are nicely rounded. The only downside is that the buckles are so big that they barely fit into the loops of the pants. The threading is a tricky job and every time the strap is removed from the buckle is annoying. But the design is convincing.

    April 3, 2021

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