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Shu Dog Seat Car Including Seat Belt For Small And Medium Dogs High Quality Dog Car Seat For Front And Back Seat Water Anti-Slip And Scratch Resistant.

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✔️ Very Easy to Clean Material - The dog car seat cover is made of high quality Oxford D600, a polyester fabric with a special PU coating, so it is tear-resistant, scratch-resistant and 100% waterproof. In addition, dirt and dog hair can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cleaning cloth.
✔️ Stability and Safety: Thanks to the extra sturdy plastic panels, surrounded by foam panels, the side walls have a high stability. The included seat belt ensures maximum safety for your four-legged friend. You can easily connect this to the belt buckle of your car through the openings on the sides of the dog car seat.
✔️ Small & Medium Dogs - The car dog bed is ideal for puppies, small and medium dogs. Our Leo dog has a shoulder height of 40 cm and a length of 43 cm and weighs 13 kg. To ensure that your dog can lie comfortably, it should not exceed the specified dimensions.
✔️ Our Drawer Promise - Since we use the dog car seat ourselves with conviction, we at Schubbi want to make the purchase decision easier and take all the risks for you. If you are not 100% satisfied with the dog car seat, you will get your money back with no ifs and buts.

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With the Schubbi dog car seat, you are equipped with your four-legged friend for every car journey. The easy assembly and disassembly allows a quick change to another vehicle or can be folded and stored in a space-saving way.

Slide the seat anchor between the backrest and the seat.

Place the strap one around the headrest and close it.

Place the strap two around the seat and close it as well (this step is no longer necessary when using the rear seat).

Then you just fold up the walls and fasten them with the extra strong Velcro fasteners.

Whether it's a Citroen, an estate, an SUV, a van, a pick-up, a bus, a roadster or a carbrio, our seat is suitable for all vehicle models. In addition, the dog car seat can be used on the passenger seat and on the back seat.

Extra large bag for, for example, dog toys or dog waste bags. The bag has a length of approx. 26 cm and a width of approx. 23 cm, the bag can also be closed with a Velcro closure.

Extra reinforced seams for the fastening strap at the top of the headrest. Since the load on the seams is particularly strong, the seams can be excluded.

The dog car seat cover is made of high quality Oxford D600. This is a polyester fabric with a special polyurethane coating that protects your chairs perfectly against scratches, dirt, urine and water and is very easy to wipe clean.

Thanks to the included safety belt, you not only increase the safety of your dog, but you also have everything you need for a trip with your beloved four-legged friend.

Thanks to the seat anchor attached to the underside of the dog car seat, it is almost impossible for the seat to slip. Especially when used on the back seat, because only the fastening strap can be placed around the headrest.

The bottom of the dog car seat has an anti-slip layer. Whether you have fabric or leather covers in your vehicle, the non-slip coating reduces the risk of the seat slipping to a minimum.

Our dog seat has a practical seat belt guide on both sides. Most newer vehicles have an alarm when the seat is loaded with weight while the seat belt is inserted into the vehicle's belt buckle, no problems here.

Manufacturer scabies
Brand scabies
Model ‎ Dog car seat for small to medium dogs (black).
product weight 1,25 kg
Product Dimensions ‎42 x 42 x 56cm; 1,25 kilograms
Manufacturer reference: 4270002822801
Manufacturer Part Number 4270002822801

4 reviews for Shu Dog Seat Car Including Seat Belt For Small And Medium Dogs High Quality Dog Car Seat For Front And Back Seat Water Anti-Slip And Scratch Resistant.


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    M***** P*****

    Good transport option for small dogs/puppies

    We had a puppy as a shelter dog and used this car seat for transport in the back seat (the dog also has to be secured with a harness). He felt comfortable in it and we felt it had a good grip in the corners as well. The price-quality ratio is excellent: the seat is well processed, does not smell unpleasant after unpacking and has good mounting options so that the seat can be securely fastened. Left and right is a passage for the leash/hook with which you buckle the dog. The dog seat is easy to clean which is super practical with this weather.

    January 24, 2022

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  • Avatar

    L***** S*****

    A good alternative to the steel tubular container

    Aloha since we got a puppy we needed a dog seat. The delivery arrived on time and undamaged. We unpacked the Schubbi dog chair and at first I noticed I didn't think there was a bad smell coming from the packaging. Almost everything has its own smell but it wasn't chemical or anything like that. (The next day it was already gone). We think the workmanship is good and we went straight to the car. Installing the car seat according to the instructions was child's play, we attached the seat anchor between the front seat and the backrest. We put the top retaining strap around the headrest and tightened it we put the second retaining strap around the passenger seat and fastened it to the back.

    January 15, 2022

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  • Avatar

    S***** test setS***** test set

    Foldable Car Seat for Small Dogs

    The Schubbi dog chair can be folded quickly to save space. Completely black it looks good in any car. At 24 cm it is high enough so that the dog does not jump out or falls so quickly and secondly it fits a comfortable cushion. It is held together on all sides with Velcro. From the bottom, it has a rubber mesh fabric and therefore cannot slip quickly. There is also a sturdy handle for easy carrying of the folded chair. A 56cm high fabric back is attached to protect the seat cover. The dog has approximately 40 x 40 cm interior space. The seat itself is secured in only two places. Once through a strap in the upper area around the passenger seat and a second strap around the headrest.

    January 9, 2022

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  • Avatar

    N *****

    Not only suitable for the dog... you can also stop the chaotic partner with it

    Let's get to the real goal before you go: + you can attach the side parts individually with Velcro and open them too. If the four-legged friend is so big that you can't just lift it in, you can open one side so that Wauzi can get in. + the seat is waterproof (although I would not agree with a soaking wet dog. as described it was only attached and water could certainly escape from the edges if there was a corresponding amount.+ the seat has an included strap to secure the leg firmly.+ the attached eyelets keep the seat perfectly in place also when the little one is restless.

    January 7, 2022

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