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Slopehill Hair Dryer With Unique Brushless Motor IQ Perfetto Innovative Microfilter Oxy Active Technology LED Display 2000W (Gray)

(11 customer reviews)
✔️ Balanced Handle + Inlet Design with Sinking Mode: We build the motor inside the handle to keep the ergonomic design to keep the dynamic balance when blow drying. The lightweight hair dryer weighs only 268 g. Adjustable mode helps prevent hair from pulling in. With a removable filter, you can clean it at any time to ensure a sustainable wind.
✔️ Constant temperature with ion technology: built-in microprocessor, temperature sensor and negative ion transmitter. 50 times per second intelligent high-frequency monitoring can effectively prevent hair damage from overheating. The hair dryer can release up to 50 million negative ions under the strong airflow, which not only tightens the static charge of the hair, but also tightens the hair, making the hair healthy and shiny.
✔️ Memory Function + Light and Stylish Appearance: Fashionable and elegant button, 3 wind speeds, 3 temperatures, with LED display + cold air button. The independent switch button has the memory function. When you open it again, it will follow the previous setting. Three air nozzles can meet all modeling requirements, very suitable for families and hairdressing salons.
✔️ Automatic cleaning function + 100% risk-free purchase: Turn off the hair dryer, press the wind speed button for seven seconds, the fan runs at high speed to achieve automatic cleaning. If you have any questions about the hair dryer, please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer 30 days free refund, 2 years seller support and lifetime dedicated email service to ensure long-term use!

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268 g, lightest hair dryer in its class

2000 W, excellent blowing performance

110.000 RPM, 2x faster than others

< 75 dB low noise

Ergonomic design with Oxy Active technology

Innovative micro filter and easy automatic cleaning

Memory function technology makes it possible to memorize the speed and temperature of the 12 available configurations, all easily managed thanks to the digital interface.

Selected configurations can be locked using the appropriate lock button to prevent accidental changes during use.

Auto-Clean technology spins the motor turbine in the opposite direction, allowing for a thorough cleaning of the filter by removing any particles that may remain on the filter.

Thanks to the Venturi effect, it multiplies the airflow provided by the engine, without using extra power.

The double safety net effectively prevents hair from being pulled into the hair dryer, durable and easy to clean.

Strong and high quality motor ensures the safety and life of the motor. Innovative micro-filter prevents the passage of small dirt particles, which extends the life of the motor in terms of anonymity 82177 and prevents hairs from getting stuck in the rear coil of the filter.

The built-in negative ion generator can immediately produce negative ions to neutralize static electricity, smooth out hair irritation, close hair dandruff and effectively reduce hair irritation to improve shine.

The hair dryer uses heat balance technology to distribute heat evenly and prevent heat damage to the hair.

Weight: 268 grams
Units 6.0 grams
Brand ‎Slope
Country of origin ‎China

11 reviews for Slopehill Hair Dryer With Unique Brushless Motor IQ Perfetto Innovative Microfilter Oxy Active Technology LED Display 2000W (Gray)


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  • Avatar

    C***** T*****

    Great unit excellent value.

    This is very good value for money lightweight but powerful (has a unique sound and cord is a bit short) but highly recommended. Very happy with the purchase.

    January 25, 2022

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  • Avatar

    T***** OPT***** OP

    Hot Blowing fast and powerful

    I am personally not a big user of hair dryers but I have a young girl in care at the time when we needed a hair dryer for her as she likes the self care side. This one seems to be very powerful the stroke has different strength settings which is great as it wouldn't take all the force of the top setting nor the top setting of the heat. However, my wife says the top setting is very useful for setting curls so it works naturally for some. our children.

    January 24, 2022

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  • Avatar

    M *****

    Lucky Strike (update)

    It was actually a so-called windfall. Actually, the descriptions on Geendank couldn't really convince me, but I wanted to try it anyway. Meanwhile, my wife and daughter are thrilled with the hair dryer. It is very light yet powerful. Although it produces a high-pitched and somewhat loud sound, it cannot be compared to our previous hair dryer which emitted a broadband loud roar. Now it just has to be sustainable. Update: April 14, 2021 After we (family of 4) were very satisfied with the hair dryer after a few weeks, I immediately bought the device again. As I described in my first review, the device is compact, light and powerful.

    January 23, 2022

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  • Avatar

    T***** O*****

    Not worth the money!

    I sent the hair dryer back I don't think it's worth the 130 euros! The cable is way too short it looks like cheap Chinese goods! buzzes loudly and hurts your ears! So definitely not for me!

    January 17, 2022

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  • Avatar

    A***** K*****


    Actually I'm completely satisfied….but the noise is like going to the dentist…it's not for everyone….not for sensitive people…it doesn't bother me…my colleagues think it felt annoying…but the clients didn't complain after asking… .Otherwise it is extremely light and ergonomically highly recommended. Small and very suitable for mobile use. It fits well in my small suitcase. Good temperature and it has the power as a good professional hair dryer. What you don't think at first.

    January 13, 2022

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  • Avatar

    F *****

    Great little powerful hair dryer - "makes the hair beautiful" ;-)

    I am enthusiastic about this very chic designed hair dryer, I like the existing steps and it is also easy to adjust. The 18 m cable is completely sufficient for private use at home – it is best to order an ion brush. Unlike conventional appliances: it is much smaller, much quieter and your hair dries faster - with the old hair dryer the hair can be a little dried out - gentle blow drying with the Slopehill makes them soft and shiny. All in all I am more than happy with the purchase even if it is a bit expensive (for a hair dryer!) the other two comparable devices on the market are at least two and three times more expensive than the Slopehill - in that respect the price is Okay.

    January 9, 2022

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  • Avatar

    R***** a*****

    Mom's response is a good one!

    Got this hair dryer as a birthday present for my mom.. and she just texted!! 'It's amazing that I have thick hair that has a mind of its own and normally after a blow dryer has been around somewhere it's a mess!! This dries my hair much faster and my hair is much more manageable. I am very satisfied and highly recommend this product. I love it. Thank you'

    January 8, 2022

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