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Utopia Bedding Pillow (Set Of 2) Sleeping Pillow With Zipper Adjustable Hollow Fiber Filling Cotton Blend Cover Soft And Breathable Pillow (White).

✔️ ★ Ideal Choice - The pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers; the pillows are much fluffier, but denser and comfortable for sleeping.
✔️ ★ COMPRESED PACKAGED – The cushions are compressed; opening the plastic film inflates the cushions; please give them 24 hours to fully inflate.

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Enjoy the comfort of our exclusive, polyfibre-filled zip-up cushions that add a visual element of playfulness and complement your bedding perfectly. Made from a super soft polycotton material, this bed accessory offers perfect support for a heavenly sleep experience while resting your head in the luxurious, soft pillows for a good night's sleep. You may not be aware of it, but having the right pillows to complement the bed decor is the most important home accessory you can own. Utopia microfibre cushions are an excellent addition for extra comfort and an overall round look.

A good night's sleep is all about comfort, peace of mind and – more importantly – a soft pillow to cuddle. Depending on the quality and amount of filling used, your pillow can be unique and according to your preferences.

To suit your preferences, our pillows have a zipper that is flexible and allows you to adjust the filling of the pillow according to your needs. You can add more filling to make it firmer so that your head doesn't sink into your mattress. Conversely, you can also reduce the filling of the pillow so that it lies flat against your mattress.

The two 40 x 80 cm cushions are expertly knitted from polycotton, which is made from 900 grams of polyfibre, with a 250 thread count and has additional needle cord edges. To ensure maximum comfort and durability, the pillows are fitted with a poly-cotton cover that is extremely soft and breathable, while the pillows are filled with a high-quality, durable polyester filling that molds easily to support any sleeping position. Because the pillows are ultra soft and lightweight, they can be shaped to support any sleeping position.

To prevent your pillows from deflating, follow the inflation instructions below:

1) Allow your pillow to fully turn off 48-72 hours after purchase. You can also tap the pillow to speed up the expansion.

2) You can shake the pillows by putting them in the dryer with two tennis balls. The tennis balls hit the cushion vigorously, causing the filling to fill. Dry on a low setting for an hour to make your pillow fluffier and softer.

3) Alternatively, you can also leave the cushions in the sun so that the moisture created by use evaporates and the cushions inflate during the day. You can also hang the cushions on a clothesline outside.

Stain cleaning

It is recommended to wipe off any stains or dirt with a cloth or sponge and a mild detergent in cold water.


It is recommended to tumble dry on low heat. Carefully remove the cushions from the dryer after drying. Shake or tap them out to loosen any clumps inside.

The cushions can also be air dried. Make sure they dry completely in a warm place.

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Brand ‎Utopia bedding
Model Number ‎EU0527
Color ‎White
Material ‎Cotton Blend
product weight 2,24 kg


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